Holy Gift

Prophet after prophet Raised our expectations When the conscience is numbed How will we receive the holy gift?

a voice from the past

revelations and misinterpretations

truths for sale

truths for sale in the market place to the highest bidder each truth tailor made to specific needs designed to deceive leadership truths guaranteed to convert accusations into victimisation religious truths riddled with repetetive rituals, and concealed between poetic scriptures romantic truths, ah our speciality the sweetest of truths, the simplest too tell them only … Continue reading truths for sale

His Final Lesson

In the beginning there was rhythm rhythm founded a relationship between sounds sounds created the moods of melodies melodies nurtured expression through words words aroused the singer to dance And that, my friend, that is what music is a cosmic language a meeting and a farewell a recognition of souls And now, my friend, tell … Continue reading His Final Lesson

echoes and reflections

ask yourselves this... from where do negative echoes reflect off? therein lies your problem therein too lies your solution stop chasing the echo stop admiring the reflection when prayers become echoes from reflections of the idols when words from scriptures reveal less than they conceal then i believe in me  

ancient minds

ancient minds spoke in verse and riddle with meanings double to keep us thoughtful yet scholars quarrel which sacred text is real

randomly new

forbidding thoughts that are new harvests of regurgitated concepts progressing on a treadmill ultimate destination... ...nowhere old stars burn out slowly sacrificing their cores so that new stars are born giving you a chance to alter your destiny new promises to break new dreams to shatter new smiles to fake new lies to mutter old … Continue reading randomly new