when even everything is not enough

deceptive is the chill

Nairobi Rain

Memories of Nairobi Rain

Choosing to Live

All I seek is freedom from choosing To live with options is deceptive Are decisions really ours Or is it destiny in disguise *** Image: Pixabay

shifted reality

however much they shifted reality it always faced the north star for you can never transform truth and deception is transitory

truths for sale

truths for sale in the market place to the highest bidder each truth tailor made to specific needs designed to deceive leadership truths guaranteed to convert accusations into victimisation religious truths riddled with repetetive rituals, and concealed between poetic scriptures romantic truths, ah our speciality the sweetest of truths, the simplest too tell them only … Continue reading truths for sale

gentle lies

I never found truth to be gentle lies, on the other hand are pleasing because they only tell us what we want to hear *** Yesterday's prompt was "gentle lies" At times I take the liberty to twist or stretch the meaning somewhat Helps to expand my thinking Bending the rules slightly ;-)