Return to Yesterday

I would return to yesterday
If today ever ended
If tomorrow never came
If I could predict my past
If I could escape eternity

If time was my slave
And I were the mistress
I would bid it “stop!”
Any time you are my guest

If I could visit those days
When you got to know me
And I discovered you
I would hold the hands of the clock
Resisting their natural movement

If I knew then
What I know now
I would have loved less
Or perhaps
I would have loved even more
Recognizing our rare rapture

I know our infinite lives
Shall again entwine
Like the roots of ancient trees
Strangling for survival

If I return to yesterday
Will I still find you there?

6 thoughts on “Return to Yesterday

  1. This is a beautiful poem that touches me deeply. I have always thought it ironic, and perhaps even sad, that timeless, boundless love needs to be bound so (and captured within time) during our physical existence…


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this beautiful poem. This poem speaks to me of love, and longing to love, and longing to find love, and keep love, and never lose love.

    All good wishes,



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