Undefeated Stallion

Undefeated Stallion

(Perhaps my favorite poem by KimberLite, at age 13)

Mane as black as ebony
Worth more than the most money
Runs across the desert
Is hurt less than he has hurt
The undefeated stallion

Those angry eyes view all evil
Radiates misery even through a veil
Never broken down even by the worst
Because he is the best, the first
The undefeated stallion

Stronger than the hardest metal
Could win the best medal
But has no friends and has no feelings
Haunted by his very own killings
The undefeated stallion

So vain he refuses to cry for mercy
Ignores all sense of courtesy
But we all pray for him in his last breath
We wish him well for after death

We wonder about his life’s length
Marveled by his power and strength
Until the day he crashes
The pain he will be haunted by lashes

And he will be for the first time in a million…
…the defeated stallion

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