uncertain attention

the drab moth
envious of the firefly’s glow
never did realise
all the firefly ever desired
was simply a place to hide

as perhaps the sun tires of its chore
and longs to be as playful as the moon

why do you think the tube light hesitates so?
that which lights up eventually burns out

there is honor among shadows
pale does not mean faded

the backdrop is rarely observed
yet what would the scene be without?

to stand out and be noticed
sometimes is a compromise
conforming to expectations
that do not belong to you

every soul
desires some attention
including yours truly….

12 thoughts on “uncertain attention

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this post. Like many of your poems, it has many layers that may unfold, some today, some tomorrow.

    Some of those lit us the most have their light veiled deep within.

    All good wishes,


      1. Dear Sonya,

        I noticed I misspelled one word. The sentence should read:

        “Some of those lit *up* the most have their light veiled deep within.”

        All good wishes,


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