A Sunset from the East

So many choices, every day, every moment. And it is because of the freedom of choices we have that ironically lands us in their bondage instead of liberating us. What liberates you may be different from what liberates me, but eventually a life of freedom is what we crave, isn’t it?


The place where I live used to be open and green, but is fast changing into a concrete jungle :(

But I saw an incredible sight that gave me some hope. Have a look at these photos I took the other evening.

sunset from the east 1

sunset from the east 2The second photo shows part of an ugly unfinished (since the past 2 years!) office building where we used to watch some beautiful sunsets. Naturally it was disappointing to be blocked off from our evening ritual. I resigned myself to the “progress” and accepted this in the name of “development”.

Then I was truly delighted to be able to see our beloved sunset reflected off another office block across from us. And it was such a novel way to view the majesty of the sun.

This experience made me think of the choices we have. We are essentially made of the same stuff, but it is only our choices that differentiate us. We can choose to have the attitude to block or to reflect.

But there are also times when we don’t have a choice. As life evolves we need to adapt so that we can continue to shine and reflect.

I need to see my sunset from the East.

11 thoughts on “A Sunset from the East

  1. Thank you for reading from my blog. Your voice here is refreshing. You’re right, certainly–we all want lives of freedom. And much of that comes from our perspective (or changing our perspective, like finding a new way to celebrate sunset) and our choices.


  2. Dear Sonya,
    I am very much enjoying the photographs and your thoughts on life, growth, obstacles, and freedom.
    All good wishes,


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