at the edge

does god ever answer

your every choice

black coffee shadow

see how it all comes crumbling down

Sequence – #10 The Sweetest

Poetry by Sonya Kassam The Sweetest

The Sweetest

Sequence – #4 Blur

Poetry by Sonya Kassam Blur

Blur, a Necessity

Choosing to Live

All I seek is freedom from choosing To live with options is deceptive Are decisions really ours Or is it destiny in disguise *** Image: Pixabay

A Sunset from the East

So many choices, every day, every moment. And it is because of the freedom of choices we have that ironically lands us in their bondage instead of liberating us. What liberates you may be different from what liberates me, but eventually a life of freedom is what we crave, isn’t it? *** The place where I … Continue reading A Sunset from the East

chosen hopes

though our circumstances are not chosen hopes of altering our destinies lie in elevating ourselves at every juncture of life ~ inspired by Allama Iqbal's Khudi ~

choiceless changes

choiceless changes do not alter your destiny they just take the longer route round only with choices are changes fair, meaningful