Through the eyes of a 12 year old

The title for Dungeon Prompts Week 11 is Peace – Just a word? What does it mean to you? Well whenever I hear the word “Peace” I immediately think of the poem my daughter aged 12 at the time wrote. If I tried, I could not express “Peace” in a better way. In particular, I love how she explained “But what is peace?” Please allow me to submit her thoughts and efforts in response to this week’s challenge


– Some wise thoughts from KimberLite (then aged 12)

The war breaks out once again
Will there be benefits to gain?
Oh Allah, please help us
Please bring us peace

Do we really need war?
Do we have to fight each other?
Do they not realize
That they cause pain and cries

But what is emotional war?
It is when one feels bad about another
When one only has sad thoughts
When one holds the past to him/herself

When war breaks out
We have one request
One thing we need the most
What we need most then is peace

But what is peace?
It is the good thoughts
The free mind
The opposite of war

So enjoy peace while you can
And from there don’t start a war
Or try to carry it around
Oh Allah, thank you for peace


This poem was originally posted here
Her other poems are Undefeated Stallion
& The Spring Chrysalis

8 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a 12 year old

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this KimberLite.

    I very much like this poem. You ask “what is peace?” Then you share that it’s the “good thoughts” and that we ought not “carry it around.”

    This conveys to me that, from morning till night, every moment, we have the power to hold no malice against anyone, anytime, from anywhere.

    This poem made my day. It is the essence of the essence.

    Thank you!

    All good wishes,



  2. Very wise. It seems that we truly have to look at the world through the eyes a child to remember what peace is. To have good thoughts from a free mind is actually much harder than it seems – maybe it shouldn’t be but we so easily digress into negativity. But then the children remind us of the purity and the innocence we’ve lost and the greatness that is there in positive thinking. Please thank her for her contribution!


  3. I really enjoyed this poem and I really love the feel of this blog. I pray one day we all can experience true peace.
    I tackle some similar topics on my blog, I think you might find some of the posts interesting, check it out and let me know what you think.
    All the best and peace be with you,

    Light in a Glass


      1. Thank you very much for the support! I look forward to reading more of your material in the future! If you have any suggestions on topics I could cover or on how to improve my site please let me know. Peace be with you.


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