Reawakening the Lost Humanity

This is a post about humanity.

I know with the state of our world today, perhaps you like me are losing hope in us humans. What have we become? Self-centred, beyond reason, greedy and as for empathy….does that mean anything to anyone anymore?

Let me take you on a journey to paradise, don’t worry you have no need to write out your will and testament. To me, heaven is just a place that gives us hope, and this little piece of heaven is right here on earth.

Come with me to Karbala, Iraq. Yes you read correctly, Iraq. Over 17 million people have peacefully gathered there as I type this post, for the largest annual pilgrimage. In commemoration of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and the son of Imam Ali.

To know a little about Imam Hussain, here is a poem I wrote earlier:

It Only Takes One Man

It was not a fight over land, nor power, not even wealth…
One man stood up for dignity, equality and justice…
A lesson for today
Some pages of history never fade away…
The mighty are brought down not by those mightier
but by those more humble than them…
He is Hussain 

Marking the 40th day after his death (Arbaeen), the pilgrims gather in Karbala many of them having walked for days even weeks. And here is what is so beautiful about this unique journey. All people of all faiths are welcomed. Ordinary people, some are poor labourers and farmers set up makeshift tents and provide the pilgrims with food, water, resting places and all amenities for absolutely nothing in return.

Over 17 million gather in Karbala for a peaceful pilgrimage despite terrorist threats
The longest dining table….free food at all times
Humble offerings of fruits freely to all
This beautiful soul sprays rose water at the pilgrims
Soldiers massage the feet of pilgrims in addition to ensuring their safety

More information about this can be found in the article World’s Biggest Pilgrimage Now Underway, And Why You’ve Never Heard of it! Do take some time to read this, it is beautifully written.

As I specified earlier, this is a post about humanity, it is not limited to religion or beliefs. Hussain is for all of us. If even for a few days, a few people can form such an incredible human connection, does it not show what we are capable of? If we could have our own little Karbalas right in our own neighbourhoods and spread this as a habit, what a huge difference we would make. We could even reawaken the humanity we have lost due to fear and anger.

I hope this little tribute has created an awareness of events that have not been widely publicised as they so rightly deserve. We receive enough negative news from the media. There is decency in this world and needs to be shared far and wide.

15 thoughts on “Reawakening the Lost Humanity

  1. I feel deeply moved and grateful that you posted this. The beauty of human kindness, interdependence, love and perseverance. Knowing that this pilgrimage happens every year and is growing in size despite the terrorist acts that occur uplifts my soul.
    I would like to reblog this piece. Would this be okay with you?

    Thank you for checking out and following my blog.


    1. I am so pleased to read your comment. Absolutely you may reblog this post and my deepest appreciation to you for playing your part in sharing the beauty that exists in our world.


  2. Sometimes I wonder if the world really is like the description in your post and somehow we just get a warped, media spun, negative image of it by keeping up with the news… Isn’t the “silent majority”, the clear thinking, kind, generous, humane group of people all over the world a reality? Or is it just a hope? Stories like these give us hope that it is a reality… so, thank you for this hope filled and optimistic piece that celebrates the positive side of humanity!


    1. You know I have been thinking the same thing. A lot of decency and goodness is not being publicised and so we lose perspective thinking this world has so much evil.

      Thanks for your comment, I just realised I had not yet replied some of the responses here.

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  3. Awestruck! Truly an eye opener. I had no idea of the scale. Hussein’s tale is heart rending, and to watch it reverberate to this day tells a great story of faith. And your pics are awesome.


    1. Sorry I missed replying to this comment earlier. I am so pleased that you have been made aware of the scale. Without making much ado, a lot of good is being spread. These pics I had seen the year before but I think the time was right to post them when I did. Sometimes you just go by instinct.


  4. My dear Sonya,
    Thank you so much for this post, yes you have said it right if we humans could have little kerbalas in our neighborhoods the world we live in would be a much better place.


  5. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this very positive post. You have highlighted the Lights of humanity, the Change Agents, the Exemplars who show us the power of humility, equality, and faith.

    Very beautiful photographs.

    Very, very nice post.

    All good wishes,



    1. Thanks Robert. It was the photos I really wanted to share as a post since last year. I am glad I waited tiil I found the words to write for the post.

      We very much need a dose of positivity. Not too hard to find actually.


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