Raag Ashaqi

I have been sitting in at my daughter’s harmonium lessons, and though the teacher encouraged me to learn, I found it all too complicated. I have never played a musical instrument. But a few weeks ago, after a deep breathing and meditation session, just suddenly I was determined to give it a go. And I struggled on my own, I really did but when the hint of a tune reached my ears, I was absolutely thrilled! I kept at it, hurriedly copying notations from the teacher’s book (and he does not write in english!) and staying up late trying out different ragas. I have mostly taught myself the little that I know and feel so proud of my achievement. Even my daughters are amazed at me :)

I found I have no words for all the vicious and senseless inhuman actions that I have been seeing these past few days.

Normally I would write poetry, but my words seem inadequate. I am going to do something so daring and post the raag ashaqi (at least I think that is the name).

I just learnt it an hour ago, so please do bear with me, I am a complete beginner. It is one of my favorite ragas from the ones I have come across so far. Poetry may be powerful, but the comfort of these few notes is beyond compare. This is sort of my poem without words, hope you understand what I am trying to say. With this small tune, I wish to spread hope for peace in this world.

15 thoughts on “Raag Ashaqi

  1. This sounds very good, not something from a beginner…I am also now thinking very seriously about learning to play some instrument…I had been learning to sing Tagore songs for the last 2 years and I always thought how nice it must feel to be able to give music to one’s own compositions…


  2. You should indeed be proud of your efforts… I hope the tune is haunting for those who perpetrate atrocities, comforting for those who are victims, and hope filled for those of us who watch in disbelief and helplessness… And is that the lilt of empathetic angel that I hear singing along?


    1. Thank you Kashif. Please do take up an instrument. Playing music has such a wonderful effect, I cannot even describe it. And if I can do it at this stage of my life … anyone can! :)
      In case I can help in any way, do feel free to ask.


  3. Dear Sonya,

    How very, very beautiful is this tune. I feel the sounds conveying sadness, a desire for healing, and a wish for all beings to be free from fear and suffering.


    All good wishes,



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