Yet Another Goodbye

If you look deeply
In that pool of tears
You will find my eyes

If you stare intently
The writing on the wall
Scratched with goodbyes

If you listen silently
Your heartbeat
Races within me

If you release slowly
Your adamant fist
Set my hand free

When I pleaded
You pretended
The day I cried
You thought I lied

The signs were clear
But you could not hear
My restless spirit
Was left to drift

Why did you not sense
Moments so tense
Tiptoeing in the dark
I searched for our spark

I wonder will you regret
When it became too late
Will my memories suffice
Your lonely days and nights

As for me…
I will walk away
Aimlessly through the air
Whirling in the wind
Not a glance back
Those eyes which speak
The language you teach
Magical melody of my name
Verses only you could tame
Irresistibly my head turns….

The power of the weak

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