Searching… A Dedication

Melodious voices call you five times
Will you not respond?
Or are we searching in the wrong places?


(He lives not within the walls of His house, but in our hearts)


Dedicated to the innocents caught up in the atrocious ongoing hostage situation at Westgate Mall, Nairobi, Kenya. Please pray for those still held hostage, missing, the injured and traumatized and the families who have lost their loved ones. Children and women were attacked mercilessly….an ugly attempt to cause religious divides in our beautiful and tolerant country.

Deep appreciation to the volunteers, security personnel, medical staff and the rest.  The people of Kenya have risen in unity and selflessness.

10 thoughts on “Searching… A Dedication

  1. The melodious voice that calls five times daily, does not call to the walls, it calls to rise above self and be witness to the glory and grandeur that awaits when one rise above self.

    The answer to the call sure doestake us to an intersection of a focal point where we must emerge from multitudes to be a unity, a unity that not only say that God is one but also becomes one humanity


  2. No relegion preaches violence and innocent killing,its those who dont want to beleive in the Creator and want to remove Him from our hearts are the cause of all this.May all those who have lost their loved ones get the strength to go on and may their souls rest in eternal peace.lovely thoughts thank you.”Our greatest glory is not in never falling ,but in rising everytime we fall.”


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