something old, something new

(something old, something new)

She woke from the East, the cradle of ancient wisdom
Caught a glimpse of new born stars along the way

(something borrowed, something blue)

Her gown radiant with the borrowed light
Blue were the lovers, now where could they hide?


This evening’s full moon was exquisite in a clear sky, with a gentle breeze and in the perfect position. My meditation in the moonlight inspired this poem. As my daughter Samia, 11 and I watched the moon, we had this conversation:
S: Isn’t that light from the sun?
Me: Yes it is
S: Then why are we watching the moon tonight when we can see the sun all the time?
This presented a wonderful opportunity to explain to her how light is the same but there can be different ways that we receive or perceive it. I like that she identified with the source of the light i.e. the reality, whereas I was focused on the moonlight, the distortion (though a beautiful distortion!)

After this, we had some fun with Full Moon Art

Full Moon Art Peace, Dove, Pearl in Oyster Hand model, Samia
Full Moon Art
Peace, Dove, Pearl in Oyster
Hand model: Samia

11 thoughts on “something old, something new

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Many thanks to you and your daughter for this gem of a post.

    You have inspired me to consider the Source of all light and its many “beautiful distortions.”

    All good wishes,



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