Strands of Saffron

Strands of Saffron

Are those strands of saffron on the sand, or the trickle of blood from that faraway land?
Where the crimson setting of the sun, bore witness to the grief of each one
Are those stars twinkling up high, look closely… teardrops glisten in the sky
The moon hunches over in sorrow, as date palms recount the day’s horrors
The day when even the fish wept, salting the oceans in their depth
The wails and sobs echo for long after, as the earth pleads to offer water

What is there to quench now that they have gone?
Left us with memories and hearts that are torn
Loyalty flowed through their veins; with courage bore all the pain
Each droplet of blood and tear made fertile the land so bare
Cruel attempt to suppress the truth, has instead borne a noble fruit
Sweetness of which shall spread to mankind; without fear, nothing to hide

(A humble dedication to the Heroes of Humanity, the pride of Karbala)

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