Water Unpoured and Others …

water unpoured from the glass ~ to a clay pot ~ unfetched from a spring ~
unrained by clouds ~ looking backwards ~ at a parched earth

Manifold meanings your words imply
Should I stay on or say goodbye?

Till she left
He never really saw her
Nor paid attention to her
Like oxygen
Always needed
Never noticed
His soul lies flatlined

All creatures muster up in pairs
Board the ark of ridicule
And the heavens cried
Forty days, nights
Mourning the faithless

the last victim of prayer
futility of worship alone
delusion of endless chanting
He hears the sound of your deeds


the shadow of the wind
covers the evils we have sinned
soon as night turns into light
every wrong now appears right 


why do you fear the rage of the ocean
when it is only servile
to the whims
of the moon, so innocent

6 thoughts on “Water Unpoured and Others …

  1. Seems the story of creation where everything comes to life from water, and the revival of life through ark of every living creature that could be mustered in pair. The things apparently on surface can lead us to delusion but it is in the nature of things that what is apparent is the face of the pair, its one side, its yin and the other side is always hidden but always lying within it. Its never its negative side or force but its obligatory side. Right and wrong, are never opposite sides but complimentary sides, one has no meaning in absence of other.


    1. I loved your thoughts about the obligatory side and how you explained right and wrong are not opposite, but rather they are complementary. Perhaps we will be more acceptable if we realised this.

      I am grateful …


  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for this.

    These begin and end with water. And in the middle sit the sound of our deeds. Very nice.

    All good wishes,



    1. Hello Robert,

      As always I appreciate your visits and comments. You have made me see a pattern that I never intended. Thank you! It is always beautiful to view your own work through the eyes of those who read. This completes my efforts.


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