today, for always

what day is it?
it’s today

it’s only today
everyday is today

even the mighty earth
rotates in honour of today

it is always today
whatever vows you fulfill
you can only do so today

however intensely you love
it can be felt…today

if you must forgive, even forget
yes, today!

celebrate, be mesmerised by today
observe today not by the hours
but by its events

it has not flowed from yesterday
today is embedded within you
carry it as a gift, not a burden
to discard in favour of tomorrow

what day is it?

how many todays will you have?


inspired by a question someone asked me “what day is it?”
to which I had cheekily replied “it’s today

18 thoughts on “today, for always

  1. Dear Sonya,

    This is a wonderful, beautiful, powerful poem which I’m enjoying today. When tomorrow arrives, I’ll be enjoying it again today. Next week, when I revisit it, I’ll be enjoying it again today.

    It’s an amazing fact that, while our minds may venture into the past (which is but a memory) or into the future (which is not guaranteed), these bodies we call ourselves live absolutely and only *now.*

    Thank you for this!

    All good wishes,



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