Rise in Revolution

I do not ask that you rise in revolution
I only ask that you shed leathery skin
Scaled to trap layers of numbness
Snug, until temperatures rise

I only ask that you incinerate blinkers
Serving to suffocate your vision
Though you move onward
Awake but in a constant stupor

When awareness strikes
It may be just a moment
…. too late

I do not ask that you rise in revolution
(What? do you ask for yet another tyrant?)
But I only ask that…
A revolution should rise within you


~All change starts from within~

7 thoughts on “Rise in Revolution

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this powerful poem.

    I believe all great revolutions are interior. Those tyrants have to get dealt with, or else the outer tyrants will unceasingly arise.

    Nations wonder why their politicians seem so despicable. Collective inner tyrants must be dealt with. Otherwise, our politicians are nothing but manifestations of collective-us.

    Shedding and incinerating may be all that are necessary for the spiritual path. Once enough gets shed and/or incinerated (who knows…this could happen in the blink of an eye), the primordial goodness can shine naturally.

    A wonderful, instructive poem!

    All good wishes,



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