The Sun Also Rises

the sun also rises
in the slums
that you pretend
don’t exist
the inconvenience
of poverty, filth
yet children smile
even without you

As we start this holy month of Ramadhan, let us remember and appreciate how much we have. Let us think of those who have very little, yet they have their smiles. We make a conscious effort to abstain from food and drink and there are those who have no choice in the matter. Let us learn to share, and make it a permanent habit. After all, one day we will leave everything behind.

7 thoughts on “The Sun Also Rises

  1. I always tell myself that I have no right to expect Allah’s Help, Generosity and Mercy, if I too am not helpful, generous and merciful towards those less fortunate than I am… How did it happen that we look upon our brothers and sisters with such a jaundiced eye?


  2. Sonya this post of yours is so thoughtful, beautiful and uplifting, thank you very much for sharing it with us. Yes today is the first day of Ramadhan, I’m fasting, we have three and a half hours left for iftar .Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your family.


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