Vermillion on her Forehead and Others …

Her betrayal no longer hidden
He watched her lying still

The blood blended perfectly
With the vermillion on her forehead

So you recognized me at last?
Call me whatever your heart desires
99 and more names are mine
But I am only one

I locked you in
My prison without bars
You escaped
Why am I surprised?

Round the bonfire the children sat
Grandfathers on stools
Folk-tales kept alive

Roasting goat instead of marshmallows

... a hero is he who can face his woman when she has been scorned …

A rainbow in the night
colorless yet full of light
for those who see with their hearts
true beauty never really departs

Whispers underground
Death resides without a sound
In their graves they turn
As the land they fought for, we burn

~~I am not who I am, But I can be who I want to be…~~

8 thoughts on “Vermillion on her Forehead and Others …

  1. Greetings,

    These are really lovely words…pregnant with meaning. Each item is really so nice that they could each be their own individual blog post :).

    I really like: “Call me whatever your heart desires.” I recently read a teaching story attributed to Ja’far as-Sadiq wherein the gist of your words were key in that story.

    Thank you for this post.

    All good wishes,



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