RIP Garissa University College Students

How do I go back to normality?
What is normal, even?

Is God ashamed of us?
I certainly hope so
I hope destiny hadn’t planned these events
I hope our fate hasn’t already been written
Into the history books of the future

I only hope humans have deviated from the course of humanity
Because only then we have a chance in hell of reforming ourselves

What is normal, even?


147 buds crushed in Garissa university college attack
Does the blood of our young ones seem redder?
Is God crying, yet?
Is this why we are to pray with bowed heads
Because how can we look Him in the eye…how?


RIP young ones
We as a country, we as humanity have failed you


Yes, that’s right
Leave no stone unturned
But first, do us a favour
And remove that rock from your own eye

14 thoughts on “RIP Garissa University College Students

  1. “Is this why we are to pray with bowed heads
    Because how can we look Him in the eye…how?”
    Indeed. No explanation for this lack of humanity in us. Let us not forget.


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this poignant poem.

    We have indeed deviated. We can return.

    All good wishes,



  3. so many questions arise in mind yet they always remain unanswered, and the cycle continues, is it ever going to stop ?, i wish and pray that it does, may God give strength to the families.


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