unanswered prayer

and here I am your unanswered prayer if only you would rise from your prostration pray with one eye open for how will you know He has responded? or do you become blind and fail to recognise a gift? His bounties are all around you but you keep asking more yet more and then some more each … Continue reading unanswered prayer

RIP Garissa University College Students

How do I go back to normality? What is normal, even? Is God ashamed of us? I certainly hope so I hope destiny hadn't planned these events I hope our fate hasn't already been written Into the history books of the future I only hope humans have deviated from the course of humanity Because only … Continue reading RIP Garissa University College Students


Now I lay me down to sleep Im praying for wisdom To know that All I know Is that I know nothing Only then I will truly be awake

so little, so many

The other night, I wasn't in the mood to tackle a Twitter poetry prompt but still wanted to write...maybe to provide my own inspiration. So using my twitter handle @sonyakassam, I threw around a couple of tweets thinking they may eventually give me an idea for a poem, basically I was talking to myself. To my … Continue reading so little, so many

Pray for Patience

I pray for patience But you do not give me If I could wait for it Do you think I would need it in the first place? I like to think that God loves the cheeky, that he appreciates wit and has a sense of humor :-)