Imprisoned Descendants

and, who is truly free?

The Mystic of Mackinnon Road

Poetry about a mythical figure in Kenya

a history, erased

This poem is a gathering of my thoughts following the recent Kenyan elections. Fear, frustration, division, celebrations, calls for peace so that we can "move on", move on to what? It is not about the elections, this is an inevitable expression of what we have ignored or suppressed over a long period of time. *** … Continue reading a history, erased


Stood defiant in the face of history Each brick cemented with a memory Whispers once shared in one tongue Which anthem shall now be sung? *** Thanks to Liaqat Ali Vance for this photo and to @LahoreMore for sharing it on Twitter and providing inspiration for my poem.

ignored voices

it is only collectively that ignored voices gather momentum echoes from the past drumbeaters of the future People Power

a future left behind

the moments passed but the time never did... the roses dried but the tears never did... the reality faded but the memories never did... and admirers whispered sweetest words but you never did... eagles from the highest skies did land but my fantasies never did... (and never will for as long as I shall live...) … Continue reading a future left behind

RIP Garissa University College Students

How do I go back to normality? What is normal, even? Is God ashamed of us? I certainly hope so I hope destiny hadn't planned these events I hope our fate hasn't already been written Into the history books of the future I only hope humans have deviated from the course of humanity Because only … Continue reading RIP Garissa University College Students

truths or lies

there are more lies in truths of today than they were in yesterday's lies imagine how many lies there will be tomorrow what you hear truths or lies add a grain of salt no truth nor any lie is constant your perception of truth or lie will change over time and experience with history uncovered through … Continue reading truths or lies

It only takes one man

It was not a fight over land, nor power, not even wealth... One man stood up for dignity, equality and justice... A lesson for today Some pages of history never fade away... The mighty are brought down not by those mightier but by those more humble than them... He is Hussain  (This poem was partly … Continue reading It only takes one man