The Rise of Icarus

The Rise of Icarus

(Following on from Wings of Icarus)

Yet I want more
Uncaring of tomorrow… 

Did I fly too high?
Sun blazes angrily
Wax weeps from my wings
Like solidified tears
I am falling
Freely from my flight
The ocean beckons thirstily
Furious waves lash out
As I desperately recall
The forgotten weapon
Under a layer of dust
Coated with rust

God, what I would give
To glide gracefully to the ground

Only in time of need?
A shameful descent
I close my eyes
Awaiting the cold cruel depth
An end to my arrogance

Memories of the seasons past
Carry me away
To the creamy sands
A good deed
Or maybe two
Kind words
To those in need
A smile
For the forlorn
A human touch
When there was none

Whispered supplications
Or spoken aloud
He listens best
Through the words
Of our actions


and more Icarus poetry
like to glide

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