there was a time

there was a time
when i stared
at my almost
empty blog
and i thought
“what will i write about?”

and today
i believe
there’s little
i can’t write about

words don’t become less
the more you use them
on the contrary
is a bottomless cauldron
of magical inspiration
stirred by faith
that out of nothing
there will be something
and even everything

creativity thrives
if you choose
to practise it

If you neglect your art for one day
it will neglect you for two
~ Chinese Proverb

Gratitude, smiles and best wishes to every one of you who supports and encourages me.

11 thoughts on “there was a time

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this wonderful poem about creativity and how she processes through us. To be neglected by our art is not something we desire.

    All good wishes,



  2. I love the words,’if you neglect your art for one day, it will neglect you for two.’ It’s so true.
    Your blog is brimming with words carefully constructed by you, I’m so glad I get to to read it.


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