the sound and the fury

the sound and the fury
of suppressed anger
hovers behind them smiling eyes
I wouldn’t taunt her
if I were you …

11 thoughts on “the sound and the fury

  1. Smiling eyes, even mouth-formed smiles — can be very misleading. I am grateful I can read people and their body language well. It helps me to navigate more clearly. Your words are very creative.


  2. Interestingly, there is an ad with HIlary Clinton just below your poem…! The slogan reads, “I’m With Her,” which seemingly rests as part of your poem- no matter political leanings. Regardless, I love this poem!! There is a truth and a power in it. <3


    1. Oh my! That is interesting indeed! Is my poem being used by some outside forces without my permission??!!

      Thank you for your lovely comment. Glad that you liked the poem.


  3. Dear Sonya,

    What you describe brought me to immediately reflect on the current political candidates here in the United States, particularly those most bombastic ones. There is anger, and busloads of fear, behind their eyes. Their words sit atop a mountain of it.

    Taunt them? No. Let them represent us? Absolutely not!

    All good wishes,



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