Silence Speaks

~ when silence speaks, we should listen ~

listen to the silence of the bells in the temple and the church
the stillness in the call for prayer

listen to the silence of submission, what is left to say?

silence is the loudest voice in the face of injustice

the silence of a baby’s breath

in silence you are rediscovered

a silent love thrives 

and when the final silence arrives He will speak for you, listen

21 thoughts on “Silence Speaks

  1. Mashallah… Har lafz mein itna wazan har khayal mein itni khushboo… As you can imagine, after seeing my web posts, this poem connects deeply with my intended message. And in all humility, I will add that your one poem is more valuable, more beautiful than my more than sixty posts… Beautiful… After another difficult and sad day in my life, I came for solace and your silence did not disappoint. Thank you ever so much… God bless you!


    1. Every post has its own purpose, whether yours, mine or anyone else’s. I’m happy that you connected with mine as though I am speaking to/about you, but that will never take away the value of your own thoughts, which are unique and precious. Sadness has its own purpose too. If you are being tested with heaviness, just imagine what He thinks you are capable of.

      I am so grateful for all your heartfelt comments. Please do bear with me if I am a little late in responding. These next few days I am going to be online intermittently. But I will reply whenever as I can. And these are the days are of patience and courage. I shall most definitely remember you in my prayers.

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