The Shadows Reveal

The Shadows Reveal

Gathering the insignificant
You call for loyalty
Plead calm, also unity
The shadows reveal
Incitement brewed in the hood

Congregating sleepily with colleagues
Each week you scream
A voice for the voiceless
The shadows reveal
Your pockets laden to the brim

“Live with dignity
Sanitation and security”
So you light their candles
The shadows reveal
Dwellings you reserve to steal

Focusing on the accused
Roars of the injustice served
Noise of empty pots
The shadows reveal
Those in tents, landless deserve no thoughts

Announcing with grandeur
Modern amenities to allure
The ambitious but not the poor
The shadows reveal
A city in neglect, rot begins to set

Uncovering misdeeds of yesterday
Hollows of high and might come to light
The greed has grown into a storm
Running, no place to hide
We follow your every stride

Beware the shadows…

3 thoughts on “The Shadows Reveal

  1. Greetings,
    This is very nice. I like it.
    The shadows may remain so until something comes along.
    All good wishes,


  2. how come this piece is not immortalised like desiderata on plaques hanging from every Kenyan wall. wish i could say it was superb, how can i when it superbly reminds me i exist in a rot ruled by presidents who cant write their own speach. i guess #TWITTERTHUMBSUP will suffice


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