The Worth of a Conversation

A fascinating conversation on Twitter between myself and @coldtusker (CT). Such interactions enhance the meaning and perspective of my words, so thanks for your questions CT!

Let us then face each other
You enhance me
For what is the worth of a star
Without her planets and moons?

Plenty, no?

what is the worth of a hero without his admirers
and a god without his worshippers?

Intrinsic worth?

Mostly yes. But the inner state will certainly be reflected off the surface.
(My 2 cents)

Isn’t a reflection generated by the light of others? One can radiate their inner being but reflects others light/radiance.

Yes! Which is why a star needs the planets and moons. You may have just answered your own question 😉

Why aren’t all these little snippets on your blog?

I was just about to ask for your permission to include our conversation… Please 🙏
BTW the original tweet was from my poem North of your Soul

Yes, you may. Should I have any hopes of receiving a chq for royalties?

One should never live without hope 😃


So, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed our conversation. Perhaps one day CT shall receive his royalties :)

12 thoughts on “The Worth of a Conversation

  1. So can I deduce that you are the star in this conversation and CT the planets and moon?

    I love your interactions, you bring out the best in people 💛


  2. I think radiance is a state of being, an equilibrium. Whereas reflection is a want – a need to have the other shine through your ‘glory’ or a need to share in the shine of others. Real gods, stars, heroes don’t have need for the latter. Make sense?


      1. Thanks, both! I like these conversations which start somewhere and end up quite somewhere else but From which so much insight pops up. You guys should talk more often! 😌😀


  3. Sonya,

    Many thanks to you and CT for sharing this discussion here!

    It is intriguing how we can share energy with significant others, and how things can evolve.

    All good wishes,



      1. Dear Sonya,

        I often consider how things in life are outcomes of sharing energy. Whether it’s intellectual sharing, which can give birth to new creations, or the most concrete forms of sharing energy (e.g., sex), there is some kind of mystery woven all through life of how energy is shared.

        The symbol of the vesica piscis comes to mind here.

        All good wishes,



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