Walking With Intention Day 6 by Sonya Kassam

A Letter From God

This is a guest post I have written for Sreejit’s Walking With Intention challenge. Please do check it out as well as other wonderful contributors’ posts.

The Seeker's Dungeon

A Letter From God

by Sonya Kassam of Follow Your Shadow

Dear Traveler,

Do you wonder where you are headed, where you will end up? I sense you are afraid that you don’t know your purpose and worse, that you feel you may not even have any. Why your destination does not seem obvious when those around you seem to have it all figured out? Or have they?

You are worried that what you do not know far exceeds what you do know? That is only the first step to be a seeker. But wait, you have no need to be a seeker. Simply allow yourself to be found. “How?” I hear you ask. Come rest a while, sit beside me. Advice is always free, mistakes may be costly, but only if they don’t teach you anything.

See the road before you? Keep your eye on the path and there…

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2 thoughts on “Walking With Intention Day 6 by Sonya Kassam

  1. Dear Sonya,

    I like this post a lot. Thank you for creating and sharing it.

    I must admit that I discern the presence of Hazrat Ali in it, as well as other presence (Sonya…? :).

    I particularly like how you treated the ego, as both a means to betterment, as well as something to be seen beyond.

    All good wishes,



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