Red Stilettos, and a Pair of Shoes

high-heeled-shoes-285664The following poem and its revised version are inspired by my Poetry workshop.

The speaker in the poem is a shoe and it is written by connecting unlikely items.

This is a change from serious themes I tend to take on. So much fun to write about something ordinary and make it seem extraordinary or to be precise, extra ordinary. So here is…

Red Stilettos, and a Pair of Shoes

Ashamed, neglected, undusted
Squelching on morning’s marmalade
Sticky, bitter, eager
Uncollected mail, dejected heap
Red stilettos, sighs and goodbyes
Candle wax, insignia on wooden tiles
The piggy bank, hollow, implores
Chipped vinyl, forgotten tunes
Compass, lost and
A journey has just begun
How much…
How much have we left behind?


forgotten were those chipped stilettos that implored upon
the vinyl floor that morning, dejected with goodbyes
aroma of a bitter brew, neglected hollow tunes

red map with kingly insignia lay beneath undusted tiles
pointed to an unashamed compass, eagerly led
the pair of us to a heap of uncollected inheritance


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