tears of a starfish

and one fine morning
the starfish and the shell
a mismatched couple though they were
decided to venture away from the sea

a day out, they excitedly thought
away from the tidal timings
and its monotonous movements
and so they shuffled along

politely declining the seaweed’s offer of camouflage
ignoring the noxious jelly fish’ s bid to protect
the clumsy crabs’ futile attempts to dissuade
they reached the soft, white sand

both the starfish and the shell
agreed that the sunlight felt delicious
and with the light breeze, they sensed a
fragmented fragrance of their ocean home

it was almost as though the mild waves
were pleading for their return
but the mismatched couple turned away
to admire the lanky trees swaying gracefully

a happy sound, was this an angel?
in the chubby hands both felt secure
till they ended up in a plastic bucket
nauseated by the careless swinging

an eternity seemed to have passed
tears of the starfish tasted like the ocean
watching his final gasps, the shell was reminded
of the life she once lost from her womb

… what comes from the ocean
must remain in the ocean


This poem was inspired by the above image from Sanaa’s prompt Take me to the Ocean


16 thoughts on “tears of a starfish

  1. Dear Sonya,

    I like this a lot.

    We can remember our home and our true identify.

    The salty ache of the heart is evidence enough.

    All good wishes,



  2. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely stunning :D Such a whole lot of beauty and emotion in your poem. Beautifully executed! Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights Sonya :D

    Lots of love,


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