sides of the universe

and when a young cloud got lost from its flock
succumbed to the fate of gravity
and the sun tried so hard to catch it
but sadly its light was without weight
though it presented a majestic view
for the bleary eyed onlooker
awed at the sight, sleep forsaken
too late for the cloudling
fallen rapidly from grace, for now
perhaps to rise from across the moon
after all the earth is round
isn’t it?

ok, yes the earth is round
and, with a little help
we see visible features of the cosmos
but what of the universe itself
do we have its overview?

and what if one fine day
(or perhaps it wouldn’t be so fine)
earth reached the edge of the universe
would it fall off?
if so, where would it land
or would it float because you know
gravity might not have been “discovered” here

and would we even know it
maybe we would realise something is amiss
if we somehow managed to leave the sun behind

so then again what if the universe was curved, elliptic
what does lie on its other side?
wouldn’t we love to know?
and wait…
are we on the right side of the universe?

and then i felt a smile as another thought glided over me
what if, the other side of the universe was in fact within us?


I could not end the year without posting a poem about my favorite subject – the Universe.
“the Secrets of the Self lie within the realm of Physics, not Philosophy”

Here’s to 2017. May our worlds be touched by more poetry, music, art and…physics.

8 thoughts on “sides of the universe

  1. I love the curiosity, inquiry and contemplation that starts with a young cloud and ends on the other side of the universe.
    And what if the other side of the universe was in fact in us…. isn’t it?
    Thank you for this journey and the ‘cloudling’. The word and the image it conjured delight me.


  2. Dear Sonya,

    I like this poem a lot. The bridges for the disciplines of mysticism and science are within this poem!

    What of the universe itself? How to witness it? Where to look to find its roots? All significant questions.

    If the earth reached the edge of the universe, perhaps, then, we could know what is Humanity.

    All good wishes,



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