Sweet Water

and so He hid sweet water
deeper than the sea
a reservoir preserved
carefully for His creation
… have we even given thanks?

I wrote this one a few months ago when I read about the discovery of fresh water reservoirs under ocean floors. His Mercy knows no limit. Pity about our short term gratitude and appreciation.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Water

  1. This is beautiful Sonya. I live in Brazil and we are in dire need of water right now. I am thankful that we have it at the moment and pray that it will rain.


  2. Reminds me of a prayer:
    “The extent of Your forgiveness is far wider than my sins and the extent of Your mercy is a matter of greater hope than my deed”
    Beautiful poetry on so many levels. Thank you Sonya. God bless you…


  3. Our creator is beyond any comparison,He knows we take things for granted and even forget to thank Him.This is a very well-written poem,Sonya thank you for sharing it.


  4. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this wonderful poem! To me, this speaks so subtly, but powerfully too, to that Secret Water, hidden in the darkness, which brings with it all Light.

    All good wishes,



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