Concepts of Shiva

The word Shiva means that “which is not”, nothing or darkness. Darkness is not related to a negative idea or even confined to the mere absence of light but it is in fact the very basis of existence. The only thing that always is, is darkness.

It seems that over time I have managed to randomly write about these concepts and I am merely compiling them in this post. Perhaps you will see a common theme of the Concepts of Shiva across all beliefs and even non-beliefs.


took nothing away from nothing
and only nothing remained

you search for hidden miracles
within the duality of creation
yet what marvels await you
in that which is nothing

light is feeble, temporary
it can be obstructed, it dies
curiously, enlightenment is
supposed to lead you to darkness
a place of nothing

that which is not, also exists

that space where nothing exists
where nothing is extinguished
that space of uncreating creation
that space of indestructibility

nothing is real . . .
only nothing is real

the space between us
is filled with nothing

forever diffuses into nothing
nothing remains forever

rather than trying to find out who I am
i must try to decipher what I am not
what will be left
that i am

give me a mirror that reflects what i am not


Ok so I didn’t realise how much I had written about . . . nothing!


And here is a video dedicated to Shiva, the Lord of Dance
Tabu dances with ease, grace, elegance and simplicity
Please do observe that there are no lyrics
Merely syllables . . .
. . . Sacred Syllables

To all who are celebrating, I wish you a beautiful MahaShivratri

Oh and P.S. I nearly forgot, this is me playing
Raag Shivaranjani (that which is pleasing to Shiva)

7 thoughts on “Concepts of Shiva

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you so much for this post. That’s a beautiful raag you play :).

    Darkness has always been attractive to me on many levels.

    I’ve heard it said that everything is sourced from the primordial darkness. Everything.

    I often think of how all prophets, saints, and holy people seem to come into the world…from the womb of a woman.

    I’ve heard it said that beings who have the most light in them are also the most dark on the outside.

    I’m reminded of something attributed to shaykh Fariduddin ‘Attar. According to shaykh Attar:

    “The Prophet also said: ‘The most loving of God’s friends are those who are pious in secret.'”

    I’m now going to the link you shared. Thank you so much.

    All good wishes,



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