reflections within reflections

when we are still...

lies remain true

broken every promise only your lies remain true mirror's stained reflections dyed a crimson hue revenge bleeds slowly drip by drip.. ** I used to write a lot of micropoetry on Twitter for various prompts. Interesting to discover them after so long. I even forget what I was imagining when I wrote some of them.

Concepts of Shiva

The word Shiva means that "which is not", nothing or darkness. Darkness is not related to a negative idea or even confined to the mere absence of light but it is in fact the very basis of existence. The only thing that always is, is darkness. It seems that over time I have managed to randomly write … Continue reading Concepts of Shiva

Stained Reflections

Re-created as separate entities to reflect ourselves through each other torn at being apart yet bound forever by the thinnest thread we strive to sever You cleanse your sins by staining my soul in retaliation I break away to hurt it is only my own reflection I distort When we are still and face one … Continue reading Stained Reflections