defy the wind

defy the wind, and one day you will crack
sway and bend, be true to your roots
watch, time will be kind to you

12 thoughts on “defy the wind

    1. Which is why I mentioned
      “be true to your roots”
      I would bear in mind though that perhaps the newer generation can also teach us how to make some of our principles more relatable. It doesn’t necessarily mean going against them. Just seeing them in a new light.

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      1. Dear Sonya,

        I like what you have shared.

        Perhaps we all share a common root. Perhaps everyone, or most at least, would say: “Well, sure we do.” And yet, how many actually follow “their” root back to “its” root?

        I’m reminded now of Bani Adam.

        You know my perspective on the newer generations, the younger people. If this world is saved, it will be, in large part, because of their presence, voice, and actions.

        All good wishes,



        1. Thank you Robert. We must give the next generation the trust that they deserve. They may have their own ways of doing things.

          When I was talking about principles earlier, I strongly feel that if we are unnecessarily unbending, the entire value can be lost to the younger ones. Let us find new ways of imparting truths and principles. I believe this way we shall somewhat secure our roots.


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