Stood defiant in the face of history Each brick cemented with a memory Whispers once shared in one tongue Which anthem shall now be sung? *** Thanks to Liaqat Ali Vance for this photo and to @LahoreMore for sharing it on Twitter and providing inspiration for my poem.

against the moon

as though the tide was against the moon's pull she stood her ground in defiance to those who said she never could even gravity bowed before her allowed her to fly, just a little and how, she wondered, when the moon has little of its own how can it exert such a force  that whole oceans succumb? ** … Continue reading against the moon

defy the wind

defy the wind, and one day you will crack sway and bend, be true to your roots watch, time will be kind to you

A Season for Martyrs

Those who are slain in the name of God Do not consider them as dead And what then should we consider those Who are merely dying to live But suffer persecution in your name Unintended pawns In someone else's game Naive and unaware of their misdemeanors Uncomprehending of those rigid minds How do you permit … Continue reading A Season for Martyrs

my senses

my tongue tastes the sweetness of your breath ears yield to gentle whispers skin shivers at the thought of your warm scent I avert my eyes as you gaze knowingly ** let Him take away my humanity my sanity my intellectuality even my reality but if He deprives me any of my senses I shall … Continue reading my senses