empty hands

i came here with empty hands take me away such that i return with a full heart

defy the wind

defy the wind, and one day you will crack sway and bend, be true to your roots watch, time will be kind to you

love…and hatred

so much love... ... so much more hatred *** perhaps we can each strive in our own little ways to spread more love? just a smile or a kind word it's the little things that make the world go round *** been so busy at work, I have neglected my poetry hope to be more … Continue reading love…and hatred

A Thousand Prostrations and Others …

A thousand prostrations before you or a single word of kindness to him who is in need... which will elevate me higher? I forgave, over and over, so many times ... until I forgot what I was forgiving her stick taps the ground~ while walking around~ the blackest of dark~ years left their mark~ yet … Continue reading A Thousand Prostrations and Others …