see the light

i see the light
or do i?
light was invisible
till your presence was lit
all i feel now is the presence
of your absence
and the visibility, the dark

Adiyogi-Sadhguru-Isha Foundation
Adiyogi – Isha Foundation

Inspiration: Sadhguru

13 thoughts on “see the light

  1. Dear Sonya,

    A very beautiful post. Thank you for it.

    It brings to mind the the via negativa approach of “knowing” the Divine.

    All good wishes,


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      1. Dear Sonya,

        Your beautiful poem reminded me of the apophatic approach to how we sometimes reach toward the Divine, or experience Her, in terms not of what it is, but what it is not. Via negativa is simply describing the Divine by what it is not, since it is indeed so unknowable in the typical, describable, intellectual sense.

        A quote attributed to John Scotus Erigena summarizes this well:

        “We do not know what God is. Even God cannot say what God is because God is not anything.. Literally God is not, because God transcends being.”

        One finds an apophatic approach in most traditions, including Islam, Christianity, Judaism, the Sanatana Dharma traditions, Buddhism, and more.

        All good wishes,


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