and what i found was that i was lost  Image Credit

A Conversation with a Poet

I had shared my poem Unnoticed on Twitter. Only a poet could respond with such precise but eloquent thoughts that left me wordless. Here is a conversation between @SonyaKassam and @IssaShivji light is light as always bright darkness she eludes illusion she deludes passion she lures higher she soars envy she abhors love she adores light is feeble, … Continue reading A Conversation with a Poet

Concepts of Shiva

The word Shiva means that "which is not", nothing or darkness. Darkness is not related to a negative idea or even confined to the mere absence of light but it is in fact the very basis of existence. The only thing that always is, is darkness. It seems that over time I have managed to randomly write … Continue reading Concepts of Shiva


unseen faces unheard voices unthought ideas unlived memories when all is unknown to me i will begin to know


light is feeble, temporary it can be obstructed and eventually dies curiously, enlightenment is supposed to lead you to darkness a place of nothing discarded desires shedding emotions transcending knowledge it will take you beyond god what is the search of god for when you have found your self? Inspiration: Sadhguru


Now I lay me down to sleep Im praying for wisdom To know that All I know Is that I know nothing Only then I will truly be awake


Shades never seen the light above them Shades never believe the light even exists

Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others …

Kiss the dead lifeline on my palm~awaken the ardor~write one last song~ sing my ultimate story~deride destiny~we can only die once Children of the sun~ Born to no religion~ Brainwashed over the years~ They became bigoted believers~ when looking backward matters not thinking forward even less unaware of the now then ... you probably had … Continue reading Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others …