A little about me. . . and my favourite poem

I can say I have been writing for about a year and a half now. . . regularly and consistently. I have over 80 posts on my blog, a couple of unpublished poems, a couple of ideas for poems, a lot of micropoetry yet to be published. For a person who never even felt the need to write, I do feel this is quite a pleasant surprise and achievement for me. I work with numbers all day long and it is a relief to come to my sacred sanctuary of words. The best advice I got was “If you write it, they will read”, when I was so nervous about putting my thoughts up in a public arena.

I am so proud of each poem, micropoem, many phrases, even some words. They all hold a special place with me, because they remind me of how I wrote or thought of them. And I kept thinking if I had to pick one, which would I choose as my favourite poem. It would actually be like choosing your favourite child . . .

Ok . . . no, it wouldn’t at all be like choosing your favourite child :-D, so yes there is one poem which is very dear to my heart. Every time I thought about my favourite poem, this one unfailingly came up in my mind. I adore it the most because it best represents me . . . free yet bound. I also loved the way it formed in my mind. I am re-posting it and hope you enjoy it as much as I did thinking it up.

PS to all you “they”s who read what I write . . . thank you so much!


when my words sculpt you into a hero
worship and adore you
and the pedestal isn’t high enough
don’t crush me
you will never find another

. . .  in this life
nor the next . . .

i kiss your every footstep
before the sand erases it
won’t you turn around and glance at me?

. . .  if you ask me
i may unveil for you . . .

even He does not have that privilege
for they ask me to hide myself
whenever i invoke His name

34 thoughts on “A little about me. . . and my favourite poem

  1. Stunning, spellbound… but by now we’ve come to expect that of you! I’m pleased to have met you through WP, your words enlighten and encourage me. God bless you & your writing, Sonya!


  2. Billy Joel once said: “My songs are like children. Some grow up to be doctors and lawyers. Some turn out to be bums.” That’s a very Billy Joel-ish way to put it, but it’s interesting. I’m glad you love all your poems. I think I’d say the same for my posts, but I do love some more than others.

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  3. Thank you so much! The value in my moments has greatly appreciated since I came across your poetry recently. Alhamdulillah, you are blessed and a blessing… Your writing is a treasure chest and your words somehow unerringly find their way into the recesses of my heart each time spreading warmth, joy and sometimes tears. Deep inside me, a spontaneous “Bravo” erupts as well as the knowledge that what I am reading is indeed beautiful, sincere and true… And, it is the other way around for me, if ever I don’t put you on a high enough pedestal, please don’t crush me…

    I pray from my heart that you and yours are forever blessed and that He continues to use you to express beauty and truth… in a way that, at least for me, it seems only you can!


    1. Though I’m not deserving, I’m going to treasure this stunning comment always. Thank you so very much for valuing my writing. Your prayers complete the message most beautifully.


  4. so very nice. i just started following and will get back to read more deeply. thanks for stopping by my blog so i could find yours. peace and great writing. bob


      1. ha!! you are so good to me. i promise to get into reading your stuff very soon. i love the layout – a very attractive blog. life is short enough that i am pretty selective about which blogs i follow as time is a commodity, but yours is a must!!


  5. Greetings,

    I like this post. Thank you for sharing these details about you.

    You’re an exceptionally gifted writer. I would say words take refuge in you as their sacred sanctuary.

    A beautiful poem is what you have re-shared today. I love the fecund nature of your words, connected together.

    All good wishes,



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