nature of heart

what fault is it of the heart?

like to glide

freedom is just a flight away


Unwind with a performance of elegance

I Call Ali, I Seek Ali

A magical evening of Sufi devotional music

blurred heavens

a night when the gods appeared blurred heavens intoxicated with fermented nectar and angels danced till dawn

Second Glance

i would have never given him a second glance except that his words, his words chipped at my icy silence thawed my arrogance i would have never given him a second glance except that his words, his words laden with praise urged me to give another chance i would have never given him a second … Continue reading Second Glance

His Final Lesson

In the beginning there was rhythm rhythm founded a relationship between sounds sounds created the moods of melodies melodies nurtured expression through words words aroused the singer to dance And that, my friend, that is what music is a cosmic language a meeting and a farewell a recognition of souls And now, my friend, tell … Continue reading His Final Lesson

Concepts of Shiva

The word Shiva means that "which is not", nothing or darkness. Darkness is not related to a negative idea or even confined to the mere absence of light but it is in fact the very basis of existence. The only thing that always is, is darkness. It seems that over time I have managed to randomly write … Continue reading Concepts of Shiva

dancing on a rainbow

dancing on a rainbow not a medley of colors but composed of seven notes creating infinite tunes where tear droplets of pain reflect joy to my delight, this micropoem happened to have seven lines :)