Heaven’s Chains

(Heaven’s Chains is a poem about Heaven through the eyes of Eve. Was Eve a sinner or perhaps a saviour? It is one of my personal favorite poems. Somehow, I found that post had been deleted. I am re-posting it now. It was a micropoem to start off with but I had a strong feeling that it deserved a full story. I am sad that I lost some really amazing comments though.)

It was a secret of history
Shrouded under the mystery
Woman craved the apple tree
From heaven’s chains she broke free

She did tread with uncertainty
The exile appeared not punitive
Her new home, a land of plenty
Yet the people denied His bounty

Heaven was their ultimate destination
Fear, guilt and intimidation
Prayer used as a weapon
Scholars’ learned opinions

She knew the disillusion of paradise
Truth she spoke with a heavy price
Blasphemy declared her vice
Earthly chains in solitary confines


Hawa* finally succumbed
From a distance she observed
Through the ages, nothing changed
Prisoners of their own making
Blinded by the promise of paradise
When heaven was but a place on earth

*Hawa is Arabic for Eve

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