Praying Hands

Today I would like to share quotes of Imam Al-Ghazzali about praying hands :

How ignorant is he who has been given wings, and yet asks: Where should I place my hands! (while praying)

~Teach us where to place our hands in prayer ~
How many ask about the hands; how few are they who ask about the heart!

I came across them in this powerful poem Fiqh of Hearts, it is well worth reading

8 thoughts on “Praying Hands

  1. Nice selection and a very apt question raised by the great master. Metaphorically our hands represent our heart and that is why the pulse that resonates with our heartbeat is felt at our wrists. When I raise my hands my heart elevates and lifts up, when I touch a loved one with them my heart feels a joy and ecstasy. When I am confused and shake my head in disbelief a scratch at head brings head in harmony with heart and the feeling of conjecture vanishes.


  2. Thank you so much for the link. Yea, unfortunately it’s a sign of decadence that we’re paying more attention to such tiny details…than to the essence of prayer
    I think our time is even worse (in this respect) than Ghazzali’s time. :(
    Thank you again. :D


  3. Super like! So true! Amazing how we miss the essence and focus on shadows… thank you for these mindful words, and for the link to an amazing poem. But Al-Ghazzali was like that – among the greatest Sufi teachers.


  4. Greetings,

    Thank you very much for this.

    This is a beautiful selection. Once the heart is right, the hands will be right.

    All good wishes,



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