If you love somebody…

If you love somebody, let them go
If they don’t come back…
… run like hell after them!

8 thoughts on “If you love somebody…

  1. Nah! That doesn’t work…! They just turn around and tell you to buzz off. You have to let them figure out on their onward journey what they left behind. But, I like the spirit of your poem! :)


  2. I would say there is a multi dimensional story here, there are 3 layers and each progress towards a different end.

    1- IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE LET THEM GO: This is basic quality of a lover, s/he don’t bound and hold the beloved because love flourishes and blossoms in freedom.

    When you love somebody sincerely and wholeheartedly there is no way he will leave you, but give him space and freedom and let him go, don’t hold and possess him, he is bound to come back.

    3-IF YOU LOVE SOMEONE LET THEM GO, IF THEY DON’T COME BACK,RUN LIKE HELL AFTER THEM: when you love someone madly and let him go because true love demands that but he don’t comeback after you have waited enough, then you must run after him because the only thing worth running after is love only :)


    1. That is quite a lot you read into my short and cheeky quote lol. The only reason why I would let someone I love go is because I would expect them to be back…if they don’t …yes it is definitely worth running after them.


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