tainted by memories

thoughts tainted by memories cause distorted vibrations never allowing me to be empty, free of judgments and calculations learning, learning all our lives time to unlearn some diverse directions which one to choose time to be unwavering, still I would like to learn to unlearn, it might help me learn to be still Dungeon Prompts … Continue reading tainted by memories

gentle lies

I never found truth to be gentle lies, on the other hand are pleasing because they only tell us what we want to hear *** Yesterday's prompt was "gentle lies" At times I take the liberty to twist or stretch the meaning somewhat Helps to expand my thinking Bending the rules slightly ;-)

A Serpent Charmed

The serpent was surprised Her poison had been milked The charmer was up to no good Swayed by the flute The master hypnotiser Herself in a trance Her impotent fangs Matched his toothless grin Once fearsome, venomous The serpent is now a golden goose But nature recompenses It wasn't long before She became deaf Immune … Continue reading A Serpent Charmed

Heaven’s Chains

In the beginning there was guilt... I am re-posting my poem Heaven's Chains as an entry for Dungeon Prompt Week 8:  Guilt – Illuminating or Engulfing the Darkness? Was Eve a sinner or was she in fact, a savior? It was a secret of history Shrouded under the mystery Woman craved the apple tree From heaven’s chains … Continue reading Heaven’s Chains

Heaven’s Chains

(Heaven's Chains is a poem about Heaven through the eyes of Eve. Was Eve a sinner or perhaps a saviour? It is one of my personal favorite poems. Somehow, I found that post had been deleted. I am re-posting it now. It was a micropoem to start off with but I had a strong feeling … Continue reading Heaven’s Chains

Cold Stony Sand

Cold Stony Sand (By theHiddenPoet) I stand here in a foreign land Beneath my boots, cold stony sand A desert country rough as stones With frosty nights that chill my bones And scorching days that blind my sight A burning hell until the night I came here to find myself Had I known, I lost … Continue reading Cold Stony Sand