exit wound

a stab in the back leaves no exit wound, and though the emperor was aware of the answer even so he asked et tu, brute?

guilty footprints

guilty footprints on the sand replacing shells as waves reclaim, reincarnate them through the circle of life

an imperfect god

just as I seek to better myself, so god also strives for improvement he must seek ways to make himself known to the questioning young minds, and those who no longer believe refusing to accept fate’s cruelty destruction disease disability surely which creator would torment its own creation thus? and so god must innovate steadily … Continue reading an imperfect god

Heaven’s Chains

In the beginning there was guilt... I am re-posting my poem Heaven's Chains as an entry for Dungeon Prompt Week 8:  Guilt – Illuminating or Engulfing the Darkness? Was Eve a sinner or was she in fact, a savior? It was a secret of history Shrouded under the mystery Woman craved the apple tree From heaven’s chains … Continue reading Heaven’s Chains

Heaven’s Chains

(Heaven's Chains is a poem about Heaven through the eyes of Eve. Was Eve a sinner or perhaps a saviour? It is one of my personal favorite poems. Somehow, I found that post had been deleted. I am re-posting it now. It was a micropoem to start off with but I had a strong feeling … Continue reading Heaven’s Chains

A Love Beyond ….

Two souls drifting In an unearthly abode Of nothingness Untouched by light or darkness Neither sound nor silence Devotion lovingly crafted by the Divine Soon enough she feels a gentle pull Of the tether around her ankle A reluctant reminder of reality They bid a heavy farewell Eyes averted Fingertips barely touching She glides downwards … Continue reading A Love Beyond ….