at the edge

at the edge of fate and free will
i tread precariously
wondering if i should self applaud
or congratulate the unseen
am i headed towards self destruction
or do i relinquish all attempts
[to be in control]

am i striving
or am i destined

does god ever answer
or does he bless us
[with questions]

anyhow…qué sera sera

the future’s not ours
nor was the past


Papon | Lag Jaa Gale | Qué Sera Sera

4 thoughts on “at the edge

  1. Thank you for this post, dear Sonya, each bits of songs you picked in various languages are perfect. The only one that touched my heart is ‘que serra serra, because I never could ask my mother what will I be. My mother was in unbelievable stress because our Dad passed away at a time when we didn’t even understand that death was permanent. 🙂

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