had to happen

abstract heart

i did not one thing
… it all happened

i never moved time
… it just happened

i never looked for you
… it had to happen

i did not mean to love
nor to leave
… it happened
… it happened

and i couldn’t forgive

(forgive in this lifetime | break the connection | free yourself)


Jaane Woh Kaise | SANAM |

Jaane woh kaise log the
Jinke pyar ko paar mila
Hum ne to jab kaliyna maangi
Kaanton ka haar mila.
I wonder what kind of people find their love reciprocated
Whenever I asked for flowers, I received a garland of thorns.

Jaane Wo Kaise Log the – Full Lyrics & Translation

3 thoughts on “had to happen

  1. Dear Sonya, I know this song. It’s a very sad one. But then again we all face sadness and happiness in our lives. Some push the obstacles in life with a straight face, others give up. Ranu ________________________________


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