of feathers and petals

Nearly 3 months ago Mummy left us, flew on to continue her journey in a different realm. I can’t understand how time has moved on and life fits into a “normal”, it almost feels unfair and for sure unreal. One moment all our lives were centred around her and literally the next moment she was gone.

Gone, just as she had wanted to leave. With a slight flick of her wrist, “This is how I want to go, just like that”, she always said with a smile. She knew.

She knew deep down, though at the very last minute she didn’t really realise what happened. It was all too fast, within a few seconds, everything was over, time out, the whistle had blown.

The whistle, so silent that only Mummy heard it, the secret whistle that Papa used to draw her attention and we would pretend we didn’t hear. A slight tweak of fate gave me an extra day and night with her, at the moment of the final whistle I was seated at her feet.

Heaven lies at the feet of your mother” – Prophet Muhammad

We take comfort in knowing she left without prolonging the inevitable, no pain nor suffering and are sure she is now with Papa.


She had a heart of feathers and petals
fragrant and ever comforting

her soul exuded warmth
a familiar sweetness

caring was in her DNA
runs through her ancestry line
but then, she cared for them all

when your own family, the loved ones you grew up with praise you
it is perhaps expected
but when the new family she married into had such appreciative words
who could deny her goodness?
Paraphrasing and loosely translating what was said about Mummy
” We brought in a girl to our family from another home (paraya ghar)
and she won all our hearts”
“Naniba’s favourite” – Mummy indeed achieved a feat and won the heart of Naniba, her grandmother-in-law, a respected personality and matriarch of our extended family.
“She cared for the young and old alike in our large family home, awake long before the rest of the family and retiring only after everyone else, taking pride in maintaining a well looked after home”

Did we become a part of her life because of some good deeds from our past, some favour bestowed upon us? Ever grateful, whichever the case. She cared for us all, cared even when she was alone without Papa, cared until the very last day.

Despite the infuriating at the least, and at times life threatening delays she faced of her health condition, she never whispered a word of complaint. Never lost hope.

She accepted

She waited

What a wonderful teacher, what a lasting legacy

All the signs and little miracles we have seen, we know she is at peace. Papa & Mummy finally reunited, until forever

the perfect couple

even God dare not deny


The week following, they celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary together. We imagine them…

Mummy and Papa we wish you peace, freedom and bliss, you deserve it all.
With lots of love and gratitude …….

Lingashtakam | Urmila Devi 


Here’s a touching poem from our Poet Prince, Rohan Parekh. He wrote it to celebrate his Nanaima’s 80th birthday last year. She was and is so proud of him.


And here is Alya thinking of her Nanima

When I think of Nanima, I am filled with deep emotions. Sometimes I am really sad that she is no longer with us and I miss her so. Other times I am in awe of the person she was and the life she lived with strong values and unconditional love.

She really understood agape love. This is the wholesome unconditional love for others – the way God loves His children. Human beings are tied down to our earthly possessions and we find it difficult to achieve this kind of selflessness. Nana and Nanima achieved this with such grace. I didn’t understand their accomplishments in the world because they weren’t filled with boastfulness or glamour. Instead they were filled with mindfulness, serenity and the gifts of being one with family.

They only ever wanted good for their loved ones. Reaching their level of spirituality sometimes seems like a hard feat, but I think she’s taught me enough. Part of the lessons she gave me was that peace and happiness is all around us – we only have to accept it by giving it away.

Nanima, I miss you so much. There have been countless blessings since your passing and I truly believe you and Nana are watching over me and sharing your love. I truly hope to make the most of my life in a way that makes you proud. Even in the afterlife, you are teaching me everything you wanted me to learn. I will take those lessons with me and learn to reach my full potential of peaceful success.


Mummy loved Samia’s version of the peace prayer and would frequently request her to recite it.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – by Samia, a Sanskrit mantra and its significance is “May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”


Mummy left us on 23rd Nov 2021 – 3 years, 3 months and 3 days after Papa 20th Aug 2018
It was also exactly 4 years since she and Papa blessed the start of my new business – 23rd Nov 2017
She considered Kennedy her son, in turn he looked up to her as his mother. Mummy passed the day that Kennedy had lost his mother exactly 9 years ago – 23rd Nov 2012


Rest in Peace our beloved beautiful Mummy/Dadu/ Nanima, we all miss you, forever in our hearts.

6 thoughts on “of feathers and petals

  1. Dear Sonya,
    What an absolutely beautiful memorial to your mother.
    The whistle was blown and your mother was called by the Owner of the Whistle to return, return, return.
    How lovely is your memory of her.
    Your mother will certainly rest in peace.
    All good wishes,


  2. Dear Sonya,
    I’m so sad to read about your Mom’s passing. Your tribute to your parents gives a bitter sweet goodbye to your beloved Mom and Dad. Yes, I agree your parents are in a wonderful place and are happy to see each other.
    I hope you will remember the memories you have when they were with you. Those memories will help you to carry on.
    Best wishes to all of you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How sublime is pain?
    The bitterness of loss is only the sweetness of memory.
    So bear that which will not abate
    Knowing this pain keeps her alive
    To give comfort to the burned hearts
    Until you meet again.

    There is no death.


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